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Support System

Since its establishment, CTG has proactively assumed its social responsibility and disseminated and popularized the awareness of corporate social responsibility while it stressed its own fast growth and went international. For example, it expressly set up China Ensan Corporate Social Responsibility Promotion Board and teamed up with a group of institutions, enterprises, organizations, and individuals who are enthusiastic about public service activities to promote and develop various public service programs.

In the course of its fast growth, CTG gradually built an effective social responsibility management system. CTG not only adopted into its corporate governance the fulfillment of social responsibility and made it a part of the company’s daily operational activities, but it also ensured social responsibility a special position in CTG’s development strategy through some institution. CTG extensively developed the potential of human resource enterprises to fulfill social responsibility in order to finally attain the strategic goal of promoting enterprise’s superiority by social responsibility and realize promises for our investors and stakeholders.

CTG is engaged in human resource service, and the industry characteristics of maintaining secure livelihood for people employed enable CTG to have more resources and advantages for it to shoulder responsibilities and provide service for the people. The theory of virtuous cycle of Responsibility & Development that CTG always sticks to is to do what it is good at in an industry at which it is expert, to realize its value for the society by the use of its resource, to enable enterprise development and fulfillment of social responsibility to promote one another so as to realize a virtuous cycle. In 2007, CTG implemented legal literacy programs for the new Labor Contract Laws over the country. Afterwards, the joint research team set up by CTG and the research institute of labor relations of People’s University of China released its own newest outcome, Corporate Labor Relations Annual Report,2008-2009, and, with a breakthrough, built a Capital-Labor Relations Appraisal Index System, which provided enterprises with strict self-checking system and scientific self-checking indexes for the self-appraisal and self-diagnosis of their labor relation situations. In 2009, in partnership with governments and schools at various levels and in cooperation with social resources, CTG built a mechanism to promote employment jointly by such four parties as governments, schools, enterprise and CTG and assisted the vulnerable groups in the society in finding and securing employment opportunities by leveraging CTG’s advantage of a broad service network and abundant customers’ resources. In a short time of just 5 months, CTG built in over 20 cities like Beijing, Chongqing, Xi’an and Liuan, etc.employment-promotion bases which covered entrepreneurship & employment, senior technical training and employment, undergraduate internship & employment. Through Beijing Institute of Technology-CTG Center for undergraduate entrepreneurship, the National Youth Base for Employment, Entrepreneurship, and Internship sponsored by China’s Youth League Central Committee,as well as the Employment Training Center of Lu’an, Anhui, CTG helped over 3,000 people of the vulnerable groups find and obtain employment opportunites, and help 100 companies find and get talents suitable for them.

Meanwhile,CTG set up in the region of Dabie Mountain a special assistance and reward fund for impoverished students, a special support fund for the disabled and an employment-promotion center for undergraduates, the disabled, and rural migrant workers so as to help them solve the problem of employment decision and choice of employment. Not long ago, CTG’s BPO Division, together with Huaxia Ensan Social Responsibility Promotion Board, directly dispatched 300 rural migrant workers from Yunnan to Guangdong and help these workers solve their employment issues.

Currently, China is undergoing a crucial period of economic transformation, and the ruling party CCP and its government are all highly advocating that an enterprise assumes its social responsibility and makes a contribution to the development of China and the revival of the Chinese nation. An enterprise is a dynamic cell in the body of our country, a source of power of the economic development, and a propeller for human being’s progress. The economic obligation behavior, social obligation behavior, and environmental obligation behavior of an enterprise are closely related to its healthy development, the harmonious development of the enterprise and the community, and the coordinated development of the enterprise and environment. An enterprise needs not only to make profit and be responsible for the interests of its shareholders but also to shoulder the responsibilities for its employees, the communities, and the environment.

It is a trend for an enterprise to fulfill its social responsibility and also a fundamental factor for the enterprise to improve its competitive edge. Social responsibility and competitive edge are actually integral parts of a whole and complete each other. An irresponsible enterprise doesn’t have competitive edge. Meanwhile, it is a great contribution to the construction of a harmonious society for an enterprise to fulfill its social responsibility. CTG will continue to work hard, fulfill its own social responsibility, disseminate and popularize corporate social responsibility in coordination with Huaxia Ensan Social Responsibility Promotion Board, play the benchmark role with good sense of social responsibility, and make a contribution to the construction of a harmonious society.