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Support System

Refined management goes beyond the expectations of clients

Based on its customer satisfaction management curve, CTG set up a quality management center to monitor in real time the service status and quality of service for all of its current clients. Through the feedback on the service, CTG offers its clients customized service-improving programs and achieves refined customer satisfaction management.

From beginning to end, CTG insists to service its clients with superior quality and tightly focuses on the demands of its clients. It is problem-oriented and constantly improves its product quality and service quality. It strives to standardize its quality management and measure its quality standards with data, and it also advocates to conduct quality management and control by all employees and in the whole process. CTG implements a retrospective liability mechanism for problems regarding quality and actually takes it as its primary obligation to provide its clients with diversified, standard and excellent service. CTG also constantly helps its clients solve problems and increase work efficiency and thus realize clients’ satisfaction and success.

CTG adopted for the first time the Lean 6sigma management method and completed refined management for its clients. 6sigma is CTG’s strategy and goal, as well as its tactic and tool. Now Lean 6 sigma has been incorporated into CTG’s previous management system and both of them have become part of CTG’s corporate culture and strategy. For example, CTG has built its quality system on the basis of 8 fundamental ISO principles after one and a half year’s hard work, and we made use of CTG’s sigma project management systems with the characteristics of HRO industry, including sigma yellow ribbon, green ribbon, and black ribbon training systems, and developed on our own lecture project management and motivation mechanism. Furthermore, from the perspective of total customer satisfaction management, CTG also developed on its own the CLM-based TCSS management system. For CTG’s internal risk control, on the HRO systematic platform consistently used over the country, we developed a management information control system which can monitor the service process automatically by the quality control points, and realized real-time monitoring of key points in the whole process of service. We can monitor at any time the business problems occurring in each area and timely solve the problems. We also strive to make our clients satisfied with CTG’s service and thus realize the integration and improvement of CTG’s business. CTG will constantly assimilate the most advanced global process management concept into the company, and therefore realize the integration and improvement of business. This is also the first domestic HRO service company that has used this advanced global management methodology, which can powerfully improve CTG’s service quality and operation and play an active, important and navigating role for the harmonious development of our company, staff and the communities.