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Labor Dispatch Service

Labor dispatchalso known as talent dispatch, staffing, workforce dispatch or workforce leasing, refers to a new type of employment mode by which labor dispatch institutions enter into labor contracts with dispatched employees and the employees provide the corporate user of labor with labor service. Basically, labor dispatch provides the same services as HR agency service does. However, the core difference between labor dispatch and HR agency service is that the labor relations is different, that is, the labor contract relation exists between the labor dispatch institutions and the dispatched employees while the delivery and use of labor service takes place between the dispatched employees and the corporate user of labor.

The most prominent feature of labor dispatch is the separation of employment of labor service from use of labor service, and this can reduce the use of labor and management cost for the user of labor service. What is more important is that it allows the user of labor service to use flexibly and reduce labor relations risks.

By the specific modes of use of labor, labor dispatch is mainly classified as follows:

  • Complete Dispatch

    The dispatch institution undertakes a whole set of employee dispatch services, including talent recruitment, selection, training, performance appraisal, salary & benefits, safety, and health issues, etc.

  • Transfer Dispatch

    The hiring institutions recruit, select, and train the employees by their own, and then a dispatch institution sign labor contracts with the employees and candidates and the dispatch institution is responsible for such issues as the employees’ salary, welfare, performance appraisals, labor dispute settlement and other affairs.

  • Short-term or Project Dispatch

    A user of labor service engages a dispatch institution to employ and dispatch relevant talents and professionals for some project.