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Corporate Culture

  • To attain a win-win solution in the future with employers and communities on the principle of “People Foremost"

  • To grow into an industry leader from an industry pioneer in China

    To become the first HR outsourcing company that is listed overseas, to acquire a market share of over 30% which doubles that of our followers, and to keep a sustainable growth of our revenues and profits. To become a bench-mark company which has global competitive edge, is respected by our society and trusted by our clients, and our employees take pride in, with our superior innovation capability, our team with global vision, and our first-class strategy and operations & management.

  • To do a good job beyond our clients’ expectation

    To win our clients’ satisfaction with our superior quality service and to continuously create value for them

    To create growth opportunities for our staff

    To create a platform where our staff will realize their value of life, and to facilitate mutual growth of our company and staff.

    To bring steady return to our shareholders

    To continuously maintain and increase the interests of our shareholders and to provide them with long-term & ideal return

  • Responsibility First

    A good sense of responsibility leads to the constant progress of the company and individual employees. Everything starts from me no matter it is as small as our staff’s sense of responsibility for work details or as large as our company’s sense of social responsibility.

    Mutual Trust & Cooperation

    To treat people with honesty and to trust each other, and be dedicated to becoming the best business partners of our clients, suppliers, leaders, and colleagues, and value can be created from cooperation.

    To be open & creative

    To keep an open mind, to be brave to surpass ourselves, and to build a hard-learning-type team. To lead the development of the industry by overall innovations in our products, service, management and corporate culture.

    To pursue excellence

    Nothing can be the best and something else will be better. So we strive to constantly pursue excellence and superiority .