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IDC released the latest HRO Service Industry Report in China

文章:admin   编辑:admin       2012-02-06

 During the “12th Five-year Plan” period, China will speed up the reform process in the field of human resources allocation and accelerate building a unified, decorous, and flexible HR management market. Human resources have become the resources of top priority for corporate development and HR strategy has become a vital part of corporate strategies. Under such circumstance, IDC, the most authoritative international research institute, pointed out in its newest report of “Forecast and Analysis of China’s HR Outsourcing Service Market 2011-2015” that China’s HR outsourcing service market had developed rapidly at an annual growth rate of 15% in the past 30 years, and it is expected to continue to grow rapidly in the coming 5 years. The report indicates that the concentration ratio of China’s HR outsourcing service market is not high and the market is challenged with fierce competitions and huge potential demand. Among the four leading service providers in the first tier, the state-owned veteran companies, with regard to overall competitiveness, were beaten by CTG, a representative ofprivate HRO enterprises which are of great prospect in the future.

 Among the top four leading service providers recognized in the IDC report, CTG, as the only private enterprise in this industry, was ranked first in the industry regarding overall competitiveness by virtue of its leading advantages of IT support, delivery of service, market development and operating efficiency, and achieved well-deserved leading position in China’s HR outsourcing industry. With the background of a private enterprise and backed by PE capital,CTG becomes an active, highly competitive company that can sustainably grow in the future. It indicates that although state-owned service providers are supported by government policies, top private HR service providers are also geographically expanding their market presence and market penetration, and increasingly improve their IT capabilities so as to well prepare them for market opportunities.

IDC released the latest HRO Service Industry Report in China 易才新闻 易才集团