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From starting point to ending point, “CTG RPO” starts the express service for its total recruitment

文章:admin   编辑:admin       2012-02-28

The very beginning of 2012 saw a serious situation of “human resource shortage” all over the country. Due to drastic increase in human resource demands, unclear job duties, incomplete human resource training system and human resource development irregularities, many employers found itvery difficult to recruit new employees if they rely simply on their HR departments. The chief of CTG RPO Division, a professional subsidiary of total recruitment outsourcing of CTG, says that “HR shortage has become the primary challenge that confronts corporate strategy for 4 consecutive years.” Brain drain will be more severe due to intricate and perplexing macroeconomic environment in 2012, especially for some industries that have been suffering serious talent shortage. This has resulted in huge pressure for domestic and multinational companies operating in China. If a company copes with this challenge only through conventional internal HR channels, it will incur high expenses and low efficiency, and in the meantime, resources that should have been previously invested in the company’s core business are used up. However, the primary challenge confronting HR department is to improve recruitment efficiency so as to support the sustainable and sound growth of business.

 The total recruitment outsourcing service provided by CTG RPO is to manage a company’s human resource and the whole recruitment process, thus improving the operating efficiency of personnel management and resources management for the clients. Specifically speaking, the biggest difference between CTG RPO and other common recruitment outsourcing is that CTG RPO provides the clients with express service and one-stop service from starting point to ending point.

It is well known that the recruitment efficiency will be drastically reduced due to the size of the recruitment team, process, channels and costs when the HR department is faced with a large fluctuation of talent demand, especially when it is faced with large projects like cross-regional bulk recruitment and on-campus recruitment. In response to the diversity and timeliness of recruitment needs, the total recruitment outsourcing service of CTG RPO can lower operating costs, optimize recruitment process, and rapidly and efficiently find the suitable candidates for the clients while it guarantees recruitment efficiency.

 Currently,“CTG RPO” has developed in China the largest recruitment service network with more than 10,000 clients and over 100 opening positions. Each year, more than 50,000 people are recruited from 20 major industries and sent to work for employers through “CTG RPO”.

From starting point to ending point, “CTG RPO” starts the express service for its total recruitment 易才新闻 易才集团