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The 5th New Manpower Summit Forum to be held and focus on HR issues

文章:admin   编辑:admin       2010-10-29

With a theme of “Strategy Promotion and Change Management”, the 5th New Manpower SummitForums will be held in Shanghai, Xi’an, Shenzhen and Beijing in November 2010. The forums will explore and probe comprehensively and in depth the promotion of strategy and management of change under the national HR strategy background, help corporate HR management executives prospectively recognize the development trends of HR industry, and assist companies improve their competitiveness.

As an important and grand meeting in China’s HR industry in 2010, this new forum will be characterized by high standard, specialization, practicality, and authoritativeness, and make its efforts to attract more distinguished guests. Then, Yansheng Zhan, Director of Research Institute of Overseas Economies of China’s National Reform and Development Commission, Yongtu Long, former secretary general of Boao Forum for Asia, Yuanzheng Cao, Chief economist of Bank of China International Holding Co, Ltd., and other experts and scholars will elaborately interpret HR strategy, HR policies, and HR central issues in China in 2010. They will also discuss in depth such topics as corporate HR management and labor relations risk control under the guidance of national HR strategy and the innovation and challenge of human capital with the change in strategic partnership, and other issues.


The 5th New Manpower Summit Forum to be held and focus on HR issues 易才新闻 易才集团