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CTG created the “SOON” standard for global payroll and welfare management

文章:admin   编辑:admin       2011-05-30

Payroll and welfare management is a significant part of a company’s HR management. Development of the economy also boosts the improvement in corporate payroll and welfare management system in the meantime. As China’s most professional HR and other relevant processes outsourcing service provider, CTG built the most sophisticated payroll and welfare handling platform, which is named “CTG Payroll”, and created the “SOON” standard for global payroll and welfare management on the basis of the data from its powerful payroll and welfare solutions platform and its largest global service network in China.


The payroll and welfare management application programs of CTG Payroll are offered as a service available on the internet, and CTG has been certificated by ISO27001 Information Security Management System Certification authority and received the certificate issued byUKAS and CNAS (China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment). CTG is the first HR outsourcing company of Asia Pacific area that has been certificated by ISO27001 Information Security Management System Certification authority, and CTG Payroll has been designed and developed strictly by the SAAS criteria so that it holds a safe lead far from counterpart companies with regard to corporate payroll handling and data security.


CTG Payroll can provide on-demand options and installations so as to meet clients’ diversified needs. Payroll handling process is divided into two parts. One is that customer service staff execute one-on-one service and provide clients with timely and accurate service, and another is that clients can use this service of CTG on line by themselves through a system based on SAS mode. This saves much complicated work and a lot of costs related to payroll management.

·One-stop service

CTG Payroll is not only a systematic platform but also a service platform to provide overall HR service solutions. It fully combines service with technology and exerts the potency & flexibility of the internet. It provides our clients with the capabilities to handle payroll, individual income tax, social security, work attendance, and employees’ information and so on, and it completes the processing and handling of various work tasks for all the branch companies of the clients through CTG’s country-wide service network. This achieves a full range of one-stop service and makes HR management clearer, therefore really increasing work efficiency and labor productivity.

·Full coverage

CTG Payroll platform consolidated over 300 service offices of CTG, and CTG’s country-wide service network processes all the on-line service data on this platform. At the same time, the platform also assimilates the latest and most social security policies. When CTG’s customer service personnel feedback different policies from various places, consolidated on-line and off-line service of higher quality can be provided to our clients through CTG Payroll platform and CTG’s country-wide service network, and country-wide full coverage of various business lines such as payroll management, welfare management, employees information management, work attendance management, and forms and reports management and the like, which are involved in HR management, can be achieved so that the client companies can use fewer resources but get more benefits.

According to the analysis of professionals, “profit maximization and cost minimization” is a golden rule for modern companies to run business with the coming of the new economy characterized by globalization and the interne and in order to be well adapted to more rapid technical revolution, to face the challenge of economy of knowledge, and to take part in global competitions. The birth of CTG Payroll not only meets the needs of the companies when they constantly develop and innovate, but also creates the “SOON” new standard for global payroll and welfare management.

CTG created the “SOON” standard for global payroll and welfare management 易才新闻 易才集团