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CTG Payroll

CTG Payroll Platform as a Service is a new business model and,with this platform, users do not have to purchase, configure, manage, construct or deploy hardware and software necessary for the application programs and thus save the costs related to the complex work. These applications are available as a service on the Internet.

Just with access to the Internet, users can enjoy comprehensivepayroll management services regarding payroll handling, payment of salary, individual income tax deduction, social security deduction& declaration, social security payment, and social security welfare account management.

We package the professional and optimized payroll management process through this technical platform and combine this technical platform with best practices. By use of this safe Internet platform, optimized process, and professional service delivery, we provide highly integrated on-line application service of payroll management, social security, labor dispatch and HR management.

CTG Payroll is to help enterprisesaccomplish superior HR management,achieve better management control and openness, improve efficiency and accuracy, save costs and manage properly.