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CTG Payroll

CTG Payroll platform provides a date tracking function, by which users can check employees’salary payment history of any time. Users can change the current dialogue date to some previous date and check the income, deduction and the related calculations for employees at this previous date.

The function of history-tracking by date enables you to check all changes in an employee’s records during a specific period of time. Tracking by date also enables you to mark the starting and ending dates for the information related to salary payment.

Use of the payroll management platform ensures convenient access to key information so as to significantly improve users’ productivity.
The graphical user interface of payroll management with abundant features is quiteuser-friendly. All the visual interfaces, windows, mouse movements, and icons provided on the platform enable your transactions and enquiries to be smoother and more convenient.

Standard data interfaces will be provided for Oracle, SAP R/3, PeopleSoft and other software in the future to greatly simplify integration with these systems.

APA (American Payroll Association) , electronic payment of salary can reduce the payroll costs by up to 80%. This is attributed toobviously fewer errors in payment of checks. Without any doubt, this is good news for any payroll handling professionals. After all, if accuracy can be improved in these processes, both employees and management executives will be more satisfied.

We provide employees with a monthly salaryslip
Salary slip in printed format, electronic format or SMS format can be offered to employees. Encrypted onlinesalary slipor confidential paper salary slipis also provided per different requests of corporate clients.
Various formats of salaryslips can be custom-prepared per users’ requests.
User-friendly self-service interface enables employees to check the sum of their salaries. Paper-based statements & forms are available for them to check the sum of their salaries when the employees are offline.

We pay salaries to employees’ bank card accounts
Net salaries are electronically transferred to employees’ bank card accounts via corporate online banking interface;
Electronic payment refers to digital currency payment or fund flow by means of safe information transmissions.
Electronic payment makes fund flow of salaries faster and safer and directly reduces thecost of each fund flow.

The boss and HR department can timely obtain first-hand information about intra-companypayroll situations so that they can plan better for the company.

Dozens of real-time statements and dashboards of human resource and payroll data service are provided to help enterprises monitor and handle service indicators in time and further learn relevant factors that influence human resource management.