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CTG Payroll

The CTG Payroll Platform which we provide to users is a reliable, safe and fast platform. And we will optimize and fine-tune this platform in the process of our operations. In terms of performance, security, scale, and disaster recovery, we will describe in details that, by applying Oracle’s RMAN (Recovery Manager)& Data Pump technologies, we can ensure that data can be promptly recoveredto the state atany particular point of timeif necessary.

Furthermore, copies of data backup arekept at different places and in different media to protect valuable datafor clients. The application and data server of this platform are placed in an IDC that complies with ANSI/Tier IV certification.

IDC of Tire IVlevel is a data security solution at the level for finance and civil aviation areas. Currently, only 4 companies in China encipherall data during data transmissions, all data accesses are managed and protected by strict password security policy, and all passwords are stored in MD-5 hash format. In addition, a security policy library has been established to constantly monitor application programs and prevent any attempt to violate the security policy.