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Special Events

Press Conference for 2012 CTG RPO Recruitment Overall Outsourcing Service Solutions

CTG, China’s most professional HRO service provider, officially released its one-stop recruitment outsourcing service solution-CTG RPO in Shanghai on April 11th, 2012. Mr. Hao Li, CTG’s founder, Chair of the Board, and President,Mr. Qingyang Zhu, secretary-general of Shanghai Industry Association of Human Resource Service, Mr. Yi Xu, general manager of CTG’s RPO center, Mr. Wei Yu, Vice President HR of BlueScope Steel China, Mr. Yaodong xu, HR director of Novartis Vaccines Division, Mr. Chengwei Ye, Director of HR & Communication of Arkema Greater China, Ms. Weiyi Li, HR Director of Shaghai Hu

A Large-scale Public Service Activity-Yichuang Project to train 10,000 Undergraduate Entrepreneurs within 5 Years

In 2011, a large-scale public service activity, Yichuang Project (2011-2016) to train 10,000 undergraduate entrepreneurs within 5years, was officially launched . By implementing a series of activities such as dissemination, screening, training, competition, and incubation within 5 years, the project was planned to train and select a series of excellent undergraduate entrepreneurs with an aim to achieve the final goal of helping the enterprises set up by these undergraduate entrepreneurs go public through IPO.

CTG: An Appointed Human Resource Service Provider for 2011 World Horticultural Expo, Xi’an.

In 2011, CTG was appointed the human resource service provider for 2011 World Horticultural Expo., Xi’an. Confronted with such challenges as long project duration, numerous visitors, high service expectations, and difficult management issues, CTG took such five operational and management measures as overall talent recruitment, centralized operation and management, specialized job training, on-spot mimicking & role play, and humanistic qualities training and overcame a series of problems arising from recruitment, training, and placement. Our expo guide service was a splendor and a great success

The Sixth New Manpower Summit Forum: The Economy of Happiness and the Talent Strategy of Enterprises

The 2011 Sixth New Manpower Summit Forum was separately held in Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Beijing in November, and this forum took the economy of happiness and the talent strategy of enterprises as its theme. Hundreds of government officials of HR & social security department, economists, well-known HR experts & scholars, CEOs and HR directors of well-known companies, as well as HR elites from all walks of life gathered together to analyze hot events of the HR industry, share case studies of well-known companies, comprehensively interpret HR policies and corporate talent strategy, and annotate

The Sixth Xi’an New Manpower Summit Forum– New Economy • New Strategy• New Manpower

The first round of The Sixth New Manpower Forum, “New Economy • New Strategy • New Manpower-The Western Exhibition Economy Promotes Changes in the HR Management of Enterprises” was held in Xi’an on July 26th, 2011. The forum conducted researches and discussions on the economic development in Western China and the suitable changes in the HR strategy of Chinese enterprises.

Achieving Superior Welfare Management – Seminar on Overall Solutions and Management Platform of Corporate Employees’ Welfare

On June 17th, CTG announced its overall solutions to corporate employees’ welfare in Beijing. With its strategic partner Fudeli Corporation, it also launched, the first domestic & comprehensive e-commerce platform which can fully meet the demands of corporate employees’ welfare.

Reliable Payroll Security Service-Technical Seminar on Building the New Standards of Security of the Personnel Service Industry

On May 18th, 2010, CTG, a leading domestic HRO company, held a “Technical Seminar on Building the New Standards of Security of the Personnel Service Industry” in Shanghai and officially launched CTG Payroll, the first country-wide one-stop payroll & welfare solution and cloud service platform in China. This is the payroll & welfare platform at the highest international level of security and the platform has been certified by international ISO27001 information security certification authority.

CTG in partnership with 2011 Xi’an World Horticultural Expo.

A few days ago, the 2011 Xi’an World Horticultural Expo announced on its official website that it had all completed the recruitment of all the reception & expo guide staff for the expo park. As of March 30th, over 500 guide staff of the expo park had been recruited and placed to positions of duty, and started military training and before-job training. It was reported that the Xi’an Expo, by applying the model of unified recruitment and overall management and by referring to mature foreign exhibition experiences, signed a contract with CTG, a leading domestic HRO service provider, at the end of

The 2010 Fifth New Manpower Summit Forum-Strategic Improvement and Change Management

How will human resource react to the new social environment? Where is the way for corporate HR management under the national talent strategy in the post-crisis time? New Manpower discusses, with the viewpoints of professional media, the future development of China’s talent strategy together with the government officials of human resource & social security department.

“Easy Dream & Easy Achievement” 2010 Entrepreneurship Project in Higher Educational Schools

On June 22nd, with the support from the Department of Higher Educational School Students of the Ministry of Education of China, launched was the “Easy Dream & Easy Achievement” 2010 Entrepreneurship Project in Higher Educational Schools which was jointly sponsored by the National Center for Information Consulting & Career Supervision for Higher Educational School Students, Beijing Institute of Technology, and CTG. The entrepreneurship project is open to all the students of higher educational schools of the country, stresses entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial team management, and provides the

CTG Was Awarded the Honor of the “Global Outsourcing 100”

Recently, the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP) released the list of the “2010 Global Outsourcing 100” program. CTG, a leading China HRO service provider, was recognized in the list.

News Conference on the Achievements of the Project of the Entrepreneurship of Rural Migrant Workers Having Returned Home

On the morning of March 27th, 2010, the News Conference on the Achivements of the Project of the Entrepreneurship of Migrant Workers Having Returned Home, jointly sponsored by CTG, Chinese Academy of Social Development, and Chinese Academy of Labor and Social Security, was kicked off in Beijing, and the Research Report on the Issues of the Entrepreneurship of Migrant Workers Having Returned Home was released on the spot.

The Fourth New Manpower Summit Forum – 2009 The Responsibility and Leap-over of China’s HR Industry

The Fourth New Manpower Summit Forum, jointly sponsored by New Power magazine and the school of human resource of CTG University, used ”2009 The Responsibility and Leap-over of China’s HR Industry” as its theme, interpreted the economy, the policies, and the laws & regulations, and helped companies catch the opportunities and realize the exploration and break-through of innovation and growth.

Good Things Come in Pairs, and CTG Was Granted Two Annual Awards by Business Watch Magazine in Two Consecutive Years

Recently, 2009 China Fast 100 list was released by Business Watch Magazine, and giant companies like Haier, Lenovo, IBM, Nokia, and Samsung etc. were on the list one after another. What is worth mentioning is that after it made its debut in the list of 2008 China fast 100 by Business Watch Magazine last year, CTG, the largest domestic HRO company ……

To Promote the Transformation of Rural Labor Force- Employment-Fixed Training Base for Senior Technological Talents was launched.

Employment promotion programs are positively developed by communities and government agencies, and employment & career guidance is provided to youth. CTG, the bench-mark company of China’s HRO service industry, dares to shoulder the social responsibility and makes it one of its 2009 priorities to build vocational & entrepreneurship training base. CTG also calls for its branches around the country to build such a training base.

CTG President was Awarded the Title of 2009 Asia-Pacific Chinese Entrepreneurial Leaders with the Deepest Sense of Social Responsibility

On August 2nd, 2009, the Asia-Pacific Chinese Entrepreneurial Leaders Forum (2009 APCE Forum) was held by the Asia-Pacific Chinese Entrepreneurial Leaders Association in Guangzhou. CTG’s President Hao Li was awarded the title of “2009 Asia-Pacific Chinese Entrepreneurial Leader with the deepest sense of Social Responsibility this year. He was also invited to be the vice-chairman of the Asia-Pacific Chinese Entrepreneurial Leaders Association. Meanwhile, CTG became a permanent vice chairman member of this association.

CTG: Three Strategies built its Leadship in the Industry

On July 22nd, jointly sponsored by Business Watch Magazine and Beijing University International and in strategic partnership with CTG, a Summit Forum with a theme of Leadership for Future Enterprises was held in Beijing. Ning Tang, executive director of CTG, revealed the secret of how CTG successfully turned from an industry pioneer to an industry leader.

The First Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Center jointly sponsored by school and enterprise was set up in China

On the afternoon of June 12th, the opening ceremony for the Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Center of Beijing Institute of Technology and China Talent Group (BIT & CTG Entrepreneurship Center) was held in the International Educational Exchange Center of Beijing Institute of Technology.

CTG’s Chongqing Employment & Entrepreneurship Base showed real effectiveness in promoting employment

Statistical Data from the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of China showed that graduating students of Higher Educational Schools of China will reach the number of 6.1 millions in 2009. With those students who graduated in the previous years but are still out of employment, the number of unemployed graduates will be more than 7 million this year. ……….

The First Labor Dispatch Summit Forum Was Held and CTG Won Honor Again

From April 18th to 19th, China’s First Labor Dispatch Summit Forum and the Award Ceremony for the 2008 Honest & Credible Labor Dispatch companies was held in Beijing. This forum was sponsored by the HR Management Magazine and the National Council of Human Resource Management.

CTG’s Third New Manpower Summit Forum Was Held

At present, the economic entities will be negatively impacted to various degrees with the influence of the global financial crisis spreading over the world. A world-wide lay-off winter is coming around the corner, and the pressure on the employment situation of our country cannot be ignored.

President Hao Li Attended the Second Contribute to China Summit Forum 2008

On September 25th, President Hao Li of CTG, China’s leading HRO service provider, was invited to attend the Second Summit Forum of Contribute to China sponsored by Talents Magazine in Beijing Grand Millennium Hotel.

CTG Made a Debut in Europe: China’s HR Industry Goes Global (Barcelona European Outsourcing Summit )

From October 16th to 17th, the 2008 European Outsourcing Summit was held in Barcelona. Hao Li, President of CTG, which is China’s leading HRO service provider, was invited to attend the Conference. It was reported that CTG was the only Chinese HRO service provider which was invited.

CTG Received Deloitte Technology Fast 50 China 2008 Award

CTG received the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 China 2008 Award and was invited to attend the award ceremony for the Forth Deloitte Technology Fast 50 China and the IPO Forum for Fastest Growing Companies on October 31st in Shenzhen. CTG was ranked 14th in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 China 2008 program at the evening award ceremony.

CTG Was Ranked the 2008 Business Watch Fast Growth Top 10

Financial crisis and harsh economic situations are mentioned as a mantra in various conferences, but no one can put forward a solution. In the International Summit Forum of China and the World-Next 30 years of Competition & Cooperation, which was sponsored by the Business Watch Magazine and was just closed, CTG’s President Hao Li thought that it was a crisis but also an opportunity.

CTG’s President Hao Li Attended the Third China Labor Forum

On October 21st, 2008, the Third China Labor Forum was successfully held in Beijing Guoyi Hotel. Carrying on the successful experiences from the two previous forums, this forum attracted many more participants. Once again the China Labor Forum studied and discussed a series of critical and practical or urgent issues in the process of developing labor security programs and undertakings.

2008 Power of Super Examples- Appreciation of CTG’s Super People

On October 25th, 2008, the Eighth Experience Exchange and Commendation Conference for National Star Entrepreneurs was successfully held in Beijing. Liangyu Hui, member of the Political Bureau of the CCP Central Committee and vice premier of the State Council of China, attended the commendation conference and delivered a key-note speech.

After the follow-up Inspection of the Enforcement of Labor Contract Law, CTG was granted with the support from the Government

The Labor Contract Law has been executed for nearly half a year. In order to understand how the new law has been executed and find the existing problems, the People’s Congress Outstanding Committee of the City of Shenyang conducted a city-wide inspection on the execution of the law and the protection of employees’ rights by employers. Changyi Zhao, Chairman of the Outstanding Committee, and other relevant vice chairmen respectively led six teams and made inspection visits to the first group of typical companies on June 12th.

CTG’s Proposal for Donation for the 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake Relief

We believe that the donated money is fully filled with the love of CTG team people and will bring the compatriots suffered in the disaster the strength and courage to rebuild beautiful home towns on the sites of ruins.

Boao Forum Focuses on the Entrepreneurship of Youth and Hao Li Will Share His Successful Experiences

Boao Forum For Asia Annual Conference 2008 will be held from April 11th to 13th in Boao, Hainan province. This annual conference will focus on the theme of “Green Asia: moving towards win-win through changes". Eleven state & government heads including the President of PRC Jintao Hu, Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, and Pakistan’s Prime Minister Pervez Musharraf, and so on will attend the forum.