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Special Events

CTG Made it Debut in the Eleventh Harvard China Forum

CTG’s President Hao Li received invitation for the Eleventh Harvard China Forum, and he will be the first entrepreneur of China’s human resource industry to attend the Harvard China Forum.

CTG New Manpower Summit Forum

In 2007, the Labor Contract Law, an issue of great concern in the field of human resource management, was finally passed with overwhelming vote of support after four rounds of deliberations. The Labor Contract Law, after a few rounds of intense discussions, further enhanced the labor contract system and also further specified the rights and obligations of both parties that signed the contract.

The Second Monograph of CTG’s Special Training Camp

The Second Monograph of CTG’s Special Training Camp

The Second China Labor Forum Was Successly Held in Beijing Friendship Hotel

On August 31st, the Second China Labor Forum was successfully held in Beijing Friendship Hotel. This forum carried on from the First China Labor Forum the mission to study and discuss a series of critical and practical or urgent issues in the process of developing labor security programs and undertakings in order to build harmonious and stable labor relations.