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President’s Foreword

Hello, my dear clients, colleagues and friends,

By this chance when CTG’s website is revised, I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to our new and old clients and business partners for your trust, support and love. It is also an honor for me to share with you CTG’s growth, experiences, and achievements.

In reality 2011 was a milestone for CTG’s development. CTG successfully completed its first 5-year plan before 2011, and we grew into an industry leader from scratch. Along the way, we gained support from all our clients, all colleagues and shareholders of CTG, as well as our business partners.

Just when we started our second 5-Year plan, we released the "CTG Customer Satisfaction Management Curve" which we developed by our own innovation on the basis of 6sigma and ISO9000 standards. This effectively enhanced our overall service level and was highly recognized by the International 6-sigma Association. We won the Customer Satisfaction Engineering Award from China’s Quality Association. In 2011, by carrying further extension and exploration of customer satisfaction, we proposed to care about the satisfaction of employees being outsourced. By visiting clients, discussing with employees, and conducting market researches, we officially released “Employee Satisfaction Management Curve”. This model of satisfaction management by three parties which we initiated in the field of human resource made HR management more humane and more refined.

By the use of technology to integrate human resources services, CTG is committed to changing the industry chain and eco-environment of the entire HRO service by applying innovative technology. 2011 was CTG’s year of technology. CTG received the ISO27001 information security certificate and other certificates issued by British UKAS and China CNAS, and was the first one in the domestic HR industry to have been certified by the ISO27001 information security system. Under such a background, CTG officially released CTG Payroll, a Leading One-Stop Salary & Benefits Solution in the World based on a strong technology and R&D team as well as the business experiences which we constantly gathered in the past years. By integrating the data from more than 300 service outlets over the country, CTG provides its clients with safe & fast handling of their payroll & welfare issues and creates more value for them.

On the basis of its service network over the country and in cooperation with, CTG puts into use the most professional corporate employees’ welfare platform which comes with a complete portfolio of services and a wide on-site use so as to provide one-stop overall welfare solution, enhance the overall satisfaction of our clients and employees , and create more value for our clients.

It was a great honor that we became an official partner for the International Horticultural Exposition Xi'an, China in 2011. We provided the Xian expo with quality HR service and contributed to its success.

In 2011, CTG was again honored in the IAOP Global Outsourcing 100 program. In the meantime, CTG was recognized as one of the top 10 companies which advanced the fastest in the ranking among all the companies participating in the Global Outsourcing 100 program. This not only indicates the strength of CTG but also represents that China’s HR outsourcing service industry has achieved international competitiveness and is rapidly developing and improving.

During its second 5-year plan, CTG still maintains a fast growth but will shoulder more responsibilities. As an industry leader, CTG not only needs to be an excellent enterprise but also needs to take more social responsibility at the same time. CTG will actively keep the cooperation with the Ministry of Education of China, the Ministry of Human Resource and Social Security of China, and China’s Communist Youth League Central Committee, and jointly sponsor the Youth Entrepreneur Training program with an aim to train more excellent youth. CTG will also implement extensive cooperation with China Disabled Persons’ Federation and guide and help the disabled with their training, employment and entrepreneurship, thus assuming more social responsibility.

A last, I would like to extend my appreciation again to all of my friends and partners for your concern and support to CTG over the past years. All of CTG’s team members will work hard hand-on-hand and promote our undertakings to a new high.